What your day will look like

The day before your flight, one of our staff will phone to confirm the meeting time and the location. Balloon flights are weather dependent and we can only fly when the weather and conditions are safe. If the weather is not conducive to flying, we will reschedule your flight to another available day.

On the day of the flight if the weather is appropriate the pilot will phone you at the agreed upon wake up time. If you would like to be called whether the flight “goes” or not, please let the pilot know the day before.

The temperatures in the air are about the same as they are on the ground. Please dress according to the season, we recommend layering so you can add or remove items as necessary. We do ask that you wear long pants and no open toed shoes (no heels ladies!). If you are sensitive to the heat, please bring a hat with you for launch and landing.

At the meeting spot, the pilot and crew will check the winds for direction then choose a launch site. You will drive with the crew in the chase vehicle (and will be brought back to your vehicle after). The winds will be tested one more time at the launch field, if they have stayed ideal, we will set up the balloon and take off from the site.

You will be in the air for approximately and hour (usually an hour to an hour and a half) depending on wind speeds and landing zones. Once landed, the crew will pack up all the equipment (don’t worry, it doesn’t take long!), after which we will head to a nearby park to enjoy a small picnic and traditions of ballooning.

After the conclusion of the picnic, you will be driven back to your vehicle.