Okanagan Ballooning Q&A

Where do we fly?

  • Our company is based in Kelowna but we can fly in Vernon for an extra fee of $75.

Where do we land?

  • Your pilot will choose a landing site that is large enough to deflate and pack up the balloon. Most landowners are thrilled to see a beautiful balloon land on their property.

How high do we fly?

  • We fly anywhere from treetop level to about 3,000 feet. If it’s calm enough, we can go even higher.

How long is the ride?

  • The flights are one hour to an hour and a half depending on the wind and weather.

How many people fit in the basket?

  • We have two balloons. Our big basket will comfortably hold up to six passengers, plus the pilot. The smaller balloon will carry two passengers and the pilot.

Is it windy in the balloon?

  • No. Since we are moving with the wind, you won’t feel a thing.

When do we fly?

  • We fly mainly in the morning shortly after sunrise; this is when the winds are the calmest. We rarely book flights in the afternoon as the cancellation rate is much higher.

What if it we get bad weather?

  • All flights are made wind and weather permitting. When the pilot calls the day before your flight, we will have the forecast for launch time. In the event of inclement weather, we will reschedule with you for another day.

How do we get back to the launch field?

  • We are in constant radio contact with our crew on the ground. When we land, they will be there waiting for us. We will pack the balloon away and load it on our trailer. Our chase vehicle will accommodate all of our passengers and we will head back to the meeting point.

Can I bring a camera?

  • Of course! A camera or a camcorder is a must for a balloon ride. We ask that you listen to the pilot’s instructions for stowing your equipment for landing.

Is it cold in the balloon?

  • No. The temperatures aloft are about the same as they are on the ground. Dress should be appropriate for the season. Please wear long pants and no open toed shoes.

Do I need reservations?

  • Yes. We ask for two weeks in advance but try to accommodate last minute bookings. The weekends book up quickly. If planning for a holiday in the Okanagan, try to book a few months in advance, if possible